November 1, 2007

On Siamese Twins?

Maybe I shouldn't laugh at this, but let me say I'm not laughing at the twins, I'm laughing at the fact that Mt. Airy lists this under their top ten reasons to visit their town.

See here.

The Siamese Twins (aren't they supposed to be called conjoined twins?) are number nine in their top ten reasons to visit Mt. Airy (the town that Mayberry of The Andy Griffith Show was modeled after). They came in above cycling. When I saw that they had made the list, I'll admit I laughed out loud. I'm still giggling to myself as I type this.

My question is: what is special about these particular conjoined twins? Why is there a deal made about these guys? Maybe it's because they both got married and together had 21 kids. TWENTY-ONE kids! Let's pause for a moment to think about that...

Okay, stop thinking about it because it might gross you out to think about how that's possible.

God bless America and its quirky small towns. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go add a trip to the grave site of the Siamese twins to my trip itinerary.

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Heather C said...

You know why they listed them in the top 10 reasons to visit Mt Airy? Because there are only 10 things to do in Mt Airy. My friend Amy is from there, or at least very near there, and she says it's the most boring thing ever. I find it entertaining.