August 1, 2008

I'm Currently Drooling Over These Things

~This floor

This graphic tee

~The realization that the website design at church is almost complete and my life will soon be much, much easier and the site will be much, much better looking.

~Daydreaming about a quiet vacation at this lake house.

~Or maybe taking a vacation to this house.

~Riding motorcycles (I'll leave the driving to someone else, thank you). I've only done it once, but for-the-love-of-pete it was fun.

~"Laughing, loving and crying are the secrets angels share when we admit we're only human."

~People who leave comments.

Happy Friday! Someday soon I'll write a real blog entry with substance.

1 comment:

B. said...

I'm a complete stranger but I'll leave a comment. I love that floor also! Hope you get to take a vacation in that lake house soon. :) Bye