September 30, 2008

Joe Sorren: Painting in Progress

Sometime during college my friend introduced me to Joe Sorren. I've been fascinated by Sorren's art ever since and check his website infrequently to see his new work (and drool over it, wishing I had the talent and patience to paint like him). This evening I stopped by his blog and found that he has a 'Painting in Progress' series for his painting 'The Overture.'

I've never had the privilege of seeing one of Sorren's pieces in person, but even from the online photos you can tell that each of his paintings is incredibly detailed and multi-layered. This series proves that theory and gives a glimpse into Sorren's process. Absolutely fascinating.

Painting in Progress

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Zaki Gordon Institute said...

Hi Breakfast at Tiffany's,
You might want to check out Joe's site because he has his painting "The Overture" finished and on the homepage. It's quite stunning! Thanks for supporting Joe!