September 25, 2007

Putting it off no more

I'm all moved into the new place. We still need a couch, but you'd be amazed by the difference not having a couch makes in the amount of time spent watching television. I think this also has to do with the fact that there's another person in the house to talk to, rather than being alone and filling the quiet with television. I still like having something in the background to fill the silence in the morning, and nothing fills that silence quite like Josh Lyman, Sam Seaborn and President Bartlett. Yes, I'm referencing the greatest show ever: The West Wing.

I feel like such an adult now. I have rent to pay, a car payment and all other manner of bills. When I was a kid, this was not what I imagined would bring about the feeling that I'm an adult. Shouldn't it be something more fun? Like the choice to skip work and fly to California at a moment's notice? So this message is for kids: Don't desire growing up too fast. Take advantage of the freedom and lack of responsibility you have. And as long as I'm talking to you--kids, don't play with Bratz dolls. They're ridiculous.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I have the tendency to put things off and blame it on my circumstances. I blame my lack of motivation on my circumstances or on my surroundings. For example, I tell myself that I'll be more disciplined and spend more time painting or sewing once I have the perfect equipment or I'm feeling more motivated. Yet, I have supplies and ideas, but I still don't do it. So I've told myself that once I had a 'real' house and had more room, I'd take advantage of it and really invest time into my creative pursuits. I'd sew more, paint more and begin writing a children's book. Yet I say this every time I move or get a new job or anything like that. So what am I waiting for? I'm obviously just making excuses to be lazy. But no more! No more excuses. If my dream is to write books and own a bookstore and see my name in print at Barnes and Noble, then I should stop procrastinating and waiting for the perfect circumstance or the perfect idea or the perfect anything. I should just do it! So I will and the three people who might read this blog are my witnesses. I should stop daydreaming and just do it.

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