February 7, 2008

On Another Ridiculous Website Ad

I saw the advertisements below on the Newsweek website while reading an article about Super Tuesday (you like how I threw in that political reference--now you know I'm smart...heh).

I'm not really sure what to laugh at first. The guy on the Huckabee campaign who thought "Hey, let's put a tiny ad on Newsweek's site! That will give us at least one, maybe two new votes!"

Or maybe the poor soul who accidentally clicks on the link below it and inadvertently finds out when they'll die--but only after promising to buy 24 magazine subscriptions and to put their name on a mailing list for every 'cheap prescription' website in America.

Or maybe, just maybe, I should feel sorry for the person who named their website superdeluxe.com. Oh the imagination reels with the possibilities.

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