February 6, 2008

On Beating the Boys. Soundly.

Scene: A game of Cranium

Setting: The Strayer’s living room on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Boys (Daniel and Sean)
The Girls (Amanda, Bekki and Tiffany)

Act I, Scene 1:
The card explains that Tiffany must act out a movie without making any sounds or using any props. Her teammates, Amanda and Bekki, must guess the movie’s title before the hourglass timer runs out.

Tiffany looks at the card and has no idea how to act out the movie without words. She throws her hand to her forehead, showing the drama and exasperation of the movie’s main character.

Amanda: Gone With the Wind!!!!

Tiffany: [Staring blankly at Amanda] Yeah. That’s it. How’d you do that?

End scene.

Time elapse:
3 seconds.

How did she get it after only a hand to the forehead? Because we’ve known each other since the seventh grade and our minds meld together when we play games.

What are friends for if not to help you soundly beat the Boys Team at Cranium. With the help of a lawyer, counselor/mind reader and editor, we made women all across this great nation proud. It was a day that will be remembered for years and talked about with our children and our children’s children (also called grandchildren).

Our next mission: Beat The Boys at Trivial Pursuit.

1 comment:

Jaye said...

I have one of those stories!!!

Boys vs. Girls, too.

Scene: Jaye has to act out the thing on the card using no props or words.


Jaye stands tall and throws up her hands over head, arms staight, palms together.

Jenn yells: EIFFEL TOWER!!!

Jaye: YES!!!

Both do a happy dance.

Boys stare, not quite sure what just happened. :-).