July 24, 2008

A Few Links to Good Stories

My office mate was reading part of this story to me this morning: Iraq Banned from Beijing Olympics. They had only seven athletes participating in the first place. The IOC explains their decision by saying they were already on an interim ban because after the Iraqi government replaced the country's Olympic committee with its own appointees.

This whole Olympic year has been very perplexing to me. Why, oh why did they even let China host the Olympics? It's okay to hold the games in a country that is notorious for mistreating its own citizens and bullying anyone else they can, but we can't allow seven innocent athletes participate? Why are those athletes being punished because their government (if you can call what Iraq has a government in a country that is falling apart in a region of the world that is falling apart) made a mistake?

Somebody should give this judge an award and then ask him to make the same ruling for some celebrities. He made a nine-year-old girl (who was part of a custody battle) a ward of the state so they would have the authority to change her name. What was so bad about her name, you ask? Well, her cruel parents named her none other than: Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Alrighty then.

Watching the Couples Go By: This is the sweetest article ever written by an economist and one of the sweetest articles period. It's just a simple look at why people get married and how two ordinary people work well together. Good stuff.

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