July 13, 2008

I Like Plans and Organization

I've enjoyed writing this blog because it's nice to have a place to express my thoughts and opinions and tell the occasional story. The problem, though, is that I often run out of ideas of what to write. So I've decided to come up with a plan. Each day, Monday through Friday, I'll have a theme for what I'm writing about. And the best blogs have an overall purpose or focus, rather than just random ramblings. So hopefully this will give Breakfast at Tiffany's more focus.

Spiritual Monday:
There's no better way to start the week than with a "spiritual" post. Mondays will be when I write about what God has been teaching me or a particular theological subject I've been thinking about.

Positive Post Tuesday:
I got the idea for this from this guy. His posts are about specific people and are used to encourage and lift up that person. My post will just be positive in general. It might be about someone or something or a glowing review of a good movie I just watched.

Opinions are for Wednesdays:
I have a lot of opinions and sometimes I like to share these with the Internet. To spare those who don't enjoy the rantings of an over-opinionated twenty-something, I'll try to reserve my opinions for Wednesdays.

Newsreel Thursday:
I also like to read the news. This has become less of a habit because the news is getting increasingly depressing. But I still read it a fair amount, so Thursdays will be when I talk about what's in the news and perhaps what I think of it all. This might also be where I share with you news of the weird or just plain interesting.

Things I Love Friday:
I really like links (except the kind that pop up one of those annoying screens when you pass over it to give you a preview of what the link goes to). Since it's the end of the work week and I like making lists, I'll use Fridays to show you the things I've seen or done or read or thought about or listened to that make me smile.

Now, I won't stick to this religiously if I have a great story to tell or a thought to ponder and I can't wait for the appropriate day. Or if the post doesn't fit in one of the categories. Heck, maybe I'll even post two things in one day--I know, I'm a wild and crazy gal. But from now on, whenever I'm thinking "Gee, it's been a while since I've posted. Whatever will I post?" I'll know that I have a schedule. So come on back for more later and we'll see how this works out.


Clifford said...

Innerstin' ideer there...

Just as an aside, if you have trouble waiting for the subject-appropriate day, Word is fantastic at saving documents and keeping them in your hard drive... ;)

randomdtd said...

Whoa there cowboy. That's crazy talk. Saving a blog entry for later? That's just nonsense! :)