January 8, 2009

Print it Like a Polaroid Picture

Good news for all the Polaroid picture lovers out there: The Polaroid camera is back, in digital.

"It produces 2-by-3 inch photos by selectively heating spots on specially treated paper. It has nothing to do with the old chemical Polaroid process, but the prints convey some of the same Pop Art charm: They're grainy and the colors are slightly off, with faces tending toward a deathly blue-green."

When Polaroid announced they are stopping production of the Polaroid instant film cameras, people began hoarding they're film and buying it up whenever and wherever they could. And the hipsters rejoiced! (at the announcement of the new camera).


Leslie Johnson said...

Any idea what these little "jems" cost? These would be a lot of fun at a New Year's Eve party, wedding, birthday party, ect.

Heather said...

No. I mean, it's cool and all, but...it's not the same. The whole thing makes it a Polaroid: the color, the graininess, the frame...and the fact that it develops IN YOUR HAND is pretty much the selling point on top of how cool the shots look.

There are so many things you can do with Polaroids outside of just taking pictures, like print transferrance (aka using the developed chemicals to make a residual print on actual paper, resembling a painting), double exposures, motion photography and large format photography that a 'digital polaroid' just can't do.

It's a nifty gadget, but it doesn't satisfy the Art Photography community the way a real Polaroid does.

[/rant] ;)